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 Scavenger Hunt

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PostSubject: Scavenger Hunt   Scavenger Hunt EmptyTue Jul 06, 2010 10:26 pm

Okay so here's how you play, if you don't already know. Razz
I'll show an example to start us off.

First poster: asked to see a picture that must have a horse and hummer truck in the picture.
Second poster: (second poster has posted first request)
Scavenger Hunt Horse-photoshop-12
I would like so see "names something of interest"

So, don't forget to find the previous posters picture, and then below make sure to ask for another picture! Don't ask for more than 2-3 things in picture or your request might not get a reply!

You can use google or any search that you use to find pictures. Right click on picture and press Copy Image URL. In your reply press the Image icon located at the top of your reply box, and paste your image URL into it.

Keep it clean please! lol
Have fun!
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Scavenger Hunt
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